Epic Maker: Woop Woop Fine Foods

logoWoopWoop-1434363279Woop Woop Fine Foods makes gluten-free cookies and granola that excite the taste buds with unusual flavor profiles and healthy ingredients. They use only the best, locally sourced ingredients whenever they can such as organic evaporated cane juice, pure maple syrup, and a gluten-free flour blend that is free of GMO’s and many common allergens such as, potatoes, soy and corn. Also, their name is really fun to say, WOOP WOOP! Be sure to visit them at booth number 82.

granolatraysWhat are you must excited about for Urban Epic Fest?
Most excited to introduce our uniquely delicious products to new customers.

What’s your favorite item that you’ll be selling at Urban Epic Fest?
Our favourite item is our gluten-free granola.
browniesWhich vendor are you most excited to check out?
All of the chocolate vendors.

Where do you live?


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