Epic Maker: Bottle of Clouds

unnamed As we get closer to the launch of the first Urban Epic show we’ll be taking a closer look at the artists, food makers, wineries, and makers who will be a part of this year’s show. Today we’re excited to give you a peek into the whimsical world of Min, the artist behind Bottle of Clouds. Min creates colorful detailed works of art that are laser cut and turned into pins, pendants, and more.

How did you start Bottle of Clouds? 
When I first started Bottle of Clouds I was making fabric goods like headbands, wallets and bags because I loved making things with my beautiful fabric collection. After attending Maker Faire every year through the design build studio where I worked I saw the laser-cutter’s possibilities and I knew I could do something unique and special with the machine.


What inspires you? 
Everything around me is my inspiration. Reading, watching TV and movies, listening to music, visiting museums, bookstores, meeting friends and talking to new people. I usually focus on the moment, what I am into, what I see, how I feel and where I am. My drawings and colors are very affected by those environments.

Screen Shot 2015-08-03 at 1.10.37 PM
How do you create your custom pieces, they look so similar to the original subjects.

Custom works involve a lot of communication with the customers. That’s what makes custom work so special. All the steps are the chain of their decisions most of the time. We literally become a friend through this process. I usually have a lot of sketches in many different ways to begin with and the customer and I work together all the way. It can be realistic or animation-like, it’s really up to what they want. So the reason why many of my custom pieces look so similar to the original subject is usually because they shaped them. Also, making a realistic piece seems natural for me because of my educational path, and I enjoy working this way with with a specific subject.

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What is your favorite part of making?
Every step is my favorite! But the painting process is often the most fun part for me. That special moment of inspiration gives me the spark. I think many people would agree that you just become lost in time when you’re making.

What artists and makers inspire you?
Oh! Everyone. Even my little nephew is a great artist to me and inspires me.  Miyazaki Hayao, Jean-Jacques Sempé, and J.J. Abrams are my super heroes. Also, my entire life is based on Japanese and Korean Animation. Although now I don’t watch animation as much as before, I never stopped reading comics and mangas. And sci-fi rocks!!

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Why are you excited to be a part of the first Urban Epic Fest this Fall? 
My business grew because of local fairs. I had incredible luck and help from the events and the people who organize them. I always envied the craft-vendors at SF Bazaar when I attended Maker Faire every year, and through a strange series of interest for my “Hello” brooch that I gave to a friend vendor as a gift, the opportunity to become an SF Bazaar vendor came to me. It is an honor to take part in SF Bazaar’s new journey as Urban Epic Fest. This is my dream come true!

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