Epic Maker: Farm Chocolate

The maker behind Farm Chocolate is Patty Doyle, a Sonoma County-based chef. Inspired by new flavors and artful design, she strives to create authentic and delectable confections, which are both playful and unconventional. ‚ÄúSince making my first batch of chocolate in 2003, it was clear that I had stumbled upon something intriguing. I base my… Read more »

Epic Maker: Kika’s Treats

We’re so excited that Kika’s Treats join us at Urban Epic this year. Kika’s Treats is an artisanal company based in San Francisco, California which manufactures premium pure chocolate-covered confections, using an array of alternative sweeteners (no white sugar and no corn syrup in our treats!). They seriously make some of the tastiest chocolate treats… Read more »