Mommy Nearest Kid Zone

mommy nearest logoPart of what makes our shows successful (beyond all of our amazing vendors) are the sponsors who support us year after year. We’re happy to share the news that Mommy Nearest has joined us as a sponsor for the first Urban Epic Fest. Mommy Nearest helps you to find family friendly places no matter where you are. Its a free mobile app that will make finding parent reviewed restaurants, local museums, playgrounds, and classes simple and easy.
mommy nearest 1As a family friendly event we’re thrilled Mommy Nearest will be a part of Urban Epic Fest this year. They will be providing a parent rest zone with comfy couches and a phone charging station, a play area with toys and activities, a DIY workshop zone for kids classes, and more!

mommynearest bannerThey will also be doing a collaborative cardboard sculpture using the boxes vendors will be discarding after set-up. How cool is that?

So if you were wondering if you should bring your kids to Urban Epic Fest please do! And be sure to hang out at the Mommy Nearest Zone for a little relaxation, recharge, and fun activities for the little ones.

mommynearestDownload the Mommy Nearest app via the Apple Store or Android devices on Google Play.

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